Suzy Steinmann

I have been a realtor in the Valley for over 21 years and have been using Chago for all my flooring & tile needs for over 10 years.  I readily refer him to all of my friends and clients.  Chago does excellent work and is definitely not limited to just flooring.  Chago worked in the construction industry previously and has an extensive background that lends itself well to his craft today.  He has vision to help design the perfect bathroom or kitchen as well as any indoor or outdoor living area. As far as flooring, he also installs wood, laminant and all types of tile, stone and travertine, etc.  There’s really nothing he can’t do…and his prices are extremely reasonable.

Chago is with you from start to finish and he completes the job in a timely manner.  But the thing I love most about Chago is that his main concern is customer service. His passion is doing a great job and making his clients happy…it’s not about turning a buck–which is really refreshing in this industry.  I always feel like I get more than my money’s worth and am always overly satisfied with the work he does.

Finally, Chago hires a staff and holds them accountable.  I know I can leave my house open to Chago and his guys and not have to worry about anything being stolen or damaged or the place being left a mess when he’s finished.  All of his workers are honest, helpful and courteous. I can leave him a key and know that he has my back. As a realtor that level of trust and comfort is invaluable. I would highly recommend Chago for anything you have in mind.  If he can’t do it… he will know somebody who can .  Because of his passion for people and for what he does, Chago has not only become my first go to sub-contractor…he’s become a good friend.

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